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My name is Kouchhane Mohamed, i was born in Marrakech, I have spent the last few years giving individuals and professionals visiting Morocco for tourism or for business on a personal or group basis, the means to discover the country. I have acquired the ability to convey unique experiences to this clientele through briefings, workshops and events and guided tours.

Marrakech Tours Designer has years of experience looking after guests coming to Morocco. We offer great insight into the culture and people of this exotic city and its gorgeous surroundings. Whether you are looking for a knowledgeable guide to show you the old city and historic sites, or to help you wind your way through the shops in the Souks, we know all the spots and enjoy sharing our expertise and making your visit exceptional. Our aim is to unveil the mystery and magic that Marrakech has.

About Us

 Marrakech Tour Designer was founded by Kouchhane Mohamed in 2007. Today it is an organization with a good reputation in the creation of themed trips. It is a team of professionals who put all their enthusiasm to offer you quality itineraries, circuits rich in history, meetings, discoveries, meaning and spirituality.

These are true relationships of trust and partnership that exist today with each of them, guaranteeing successful and secure journeys. It is also a network of men and women, rich in experience and knowledge that provide for you all the accompaniment of all these trips. Guides or companions, they are passionate. They are academics, journalists, teachers, musicians… etc.

You know us a little better now … You just have to try the adventure … So, keep the sense, travel differently!

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Morocco (the full Arabic name is Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah which translates into “The Western Kingdom”) is located on the North West coast of Africa and has ports in the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third most populous Arab country. Morocco shares the largest part of its border with Algeria to the East and Mauritania to the South. Morocco is divided into twelve regions. Each region is further divided into provinces and prefectures. The capital of Morocco is Rabat and its largest city is Casablanca. The national currency is the Moroccan Dirham. Morocco is a land rich in natural beauty and unforgettable places that are both fascinating to visit and intriguing to explore. For those who want to immerse themselves in Moroccan culture and history there are hundreds of mosques, palaces, and historical sites to visit. Some of the favorites sites include the ancient city of Marrakech, the Souks, and the El Bahia Palace. Equally memorable is the Moroccan landscape, which is framed by several impressive destinations such as the Sahara Desert and the Essaouira City and the Argan trees, stunning mountain ranges such as the High Atlas, which offer outdoor activities such as snow skiing, hiking, climbing, and adventure travel. For travelers wanting the relaxation of seaside towns and beaches, the Moroccan coast is home to spectacular fishing villages such Dakhla, Oualidia and swimming beaches such as Agadir, Plage Quemada and Lalla Fatma…



Marrakech known as the Pearl of the South or the red city, is a city in Morocco at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Located at the crossroads of the Sahara and the High Atlas, it is a home to nearly 1.5 million people, Marrakech is the 4th largest city in Morocco after Casablanca, Rabat and Fez. The city is divided into two distinct parts: the Medina or historic city (10 kilometers of enclosure) and the new city whose main districts are called: Guéliz and Hivernage.

Marrakech is a city located on the plain of Haouz, center of the region Marrakech Safi. it is undeniable that the geographical situation of the city is ideal. it represents a very privileged crossroads to ensure access to the mountains, the desert and the Atlantic Ocean. it enjoys its tourist attraction thanks to the possibility of making it a rallying and passage point since the sea is only 150 km the access to the Atlantic Ocean is very fast and easy.

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A Brief History of Ben Youssef Madrasa

The madrasa is named after the adjacent Ben Youssef Mosque, which was originally the main mosque of the city, founded by the Almoravid Sultan Ali ibn Yusuf (reigned 1106-1142 ad.) The first madrasa on this site was founded during the Marinid Islamic dynasty by Sultan Abu al-Hasan (ruled 1331-1348). This dynasty, known for its perpetuation of the arts and literature, ruled from 1196 to 1465 AD and was responsible for constructing many madrasas across Morocco. The current building, however, was constructed by the Saadian Sultan Abdallah al-Ghalib (reign 1557-1574 AD), a major builder of his period, and completed in 1564-65 AD (972 AH).

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