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It´s perfect for an easy, long weekend trip with plenty of markets, henna tattoo artists, delicious food stalls and amazing desert sunsets. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Marrakesh, and Hidden Gems Marrakech to discover.
1. Hidden Gems Marrakech: Souks
Exploring the souks of Marrakesh is an experience that is not to be missed. Close to the Djemaa a Fna you will find over 8,000 shops with spices, traditional Moroccan clothes and shoes, tableware and much, much more. There is simply so much to explore. Pay attention, otherwise you could end up with a monkey on your shoulder, or find yourself in the middle of snake charming session. The souks can be a bit overwhelming, but keep calm and enjoy yourself. This place is full of colour, energy, and vibrance. Don´t forget to negotiate if you want to buy something!
2. Hidden Gems Marrakech: La Mamounia
If you need a little break from the busy Medina and the turmoil of the wonderful markets, a spa day in “La Mamounia” is the perfect choice. Treat yourself with a day ticket, which includes access to the spa and the beautiful garden swimming pool. The authentic Moroccan interior makes the gentle and peaceful atmosphere complete. The day ticket is perfect for a “luxurious spa day” without commiting to the costs of a long-term stay at the hotel. It costs around 50€ per person.
3. Hidden Gems Marrakech: Jardin de Majorelle

Sure, the Jardin de Majorelle is not a secret gem, and is certainly a tourist destination, but it´s simply worth visiting. It took French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) forty years of hard work and dedication (fueled by passion) to create this enchanting garden in the heart of the “Ochre City.” As soon as you enter the gate, you find yourself in a mosaic alcove with a water fountain at the centre. There’s another fountain that runs the length of the garden, sectioning off different areas of plants. It´s definitely a dream garden! There are also lots of benches for just sitting a short while and savoring the moment.
4.City within a city
Wandering through Marrakesh’s Jewish quarter, called the mellah, feels like you’ve stumbled onto a secret. Even though it’s only a few paces from the centre, the mellah has an atmosphere all of its own, with Stars of David etched above doorways and shaded balconies overlooking the narrow lanes. You can visit the Lazama Synagogue, which is still in use for its 400-strong congregation, explore the Mellah Market, renowned for its fabric, and visit the eerie Miaara Jewish Cemetery, a city of the dead stretching out into the distance with uniform rounded tombs, some whitewashed and some topped with stars or Hebrew inscriptions.
5.Underground ovens
Not one for the fainthearted (there are disembodied sheep heads, dear reader), Mechoui Alley in the medina (the old walled city) behind the olive market is where those in the know head to dine on fragrant slow-roasted lamb. Each shop has a pit in the ground, into which lamb is lowered to slow roast on wood fires until it falls off the bone. The hole-in-the-wall food stands are staffed by white-robed men and run by generations of the same families. The menu is limited: tanjia (slow-cooked stew), mechoui and roasted sheep’s head, but it’s worth spending a lunchtime on a seat behind the counter, where you can dine on the delicious cumin-scented meat, drink mint tea and watch the world go by.
6.Hidden cultural hub
One of the many secrets of Marrakesh’s maze-like Medina is Dar Bellarj. If you didn’t know, you’d walk past it, tucked away as it is beside Ali Ben Youssef Medersa. Enter the doorway, and you’re in a riad, a traditional house centred on a gracious, shady courtyard, with alcoves off the white-washed looping colonnades of the inner courtyard. This is an arts centre celebrating living culture, with changing exhibitions on everything from Berber tattoos, photographic portraits and local weaving. Besides the always-worth-a-look exhibits, it’s an ideal hidden escape from the frenetic souqs and a serene place for a pick-me-up cup of Berber whiskey (mint tea).
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